Humans for the Future is a nonprofit that provides education on marine debris and conducts beach cleanups, with the ultimate goal of the future being a host to harmonious habitats for all life forms.

Humans for the Future is a dedicated, Rhode Island based nonprofit, that works towards preserving our future through conservation and education efforts. Humans for the Future works on multiple matters that threaten the future of our flourishing communities. Humans for the Future organizes coastal cleanups and coastal town fundraisers. Continuing with our Ocean State theme, Humans for the Future provides Ocean State themed donation bins, painted by public school students and local artists that are place throughout the community then requests that they be filled with educational school supplies by local donors. These supplies will then be distributed to local public schools in need. Humans for the Future will also take this opportunity to educate local students, parents and the rest of the community about the importance of keeping our coastline clean and free of pollutants. Humans for the Future will continue to adapt and be innovative to discover solutions to make the future better and brighter.

Your Contribution:


  • Planning,

  • Development

  • Execution of new and current operations.

Marketing and Advertisements: 10%

  • Website Development   

  • Social Media Advertising 

  • Event Promotion 

  • Fundraising Expenses



Event and Education Expenses: 80%

  • Educational Outreach Programs 

  • Event Transportation

  • Recycling Programs 

  • Events Expenses 

Keeping our coastline clean and being educated on the damage a dirty coastline causes is a responsibility that we all must attend to with extraordinary effort. We are the Ocean State, it is essential we keep our oceans beautiful and clean. Humans for the Future wants to set the bar for the rest of the country to follow. The Ocean State should be the leader in conservation efforts and perfecting the way we treat our greatest asset, the ocean! We will start with education, beach cleanups. Humans for the Future will work with recycling plants to ensure the waste is dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way currently viable. We also plans to work with other organizations and associations to create the largest and most effective environmental conservation effort the world has ever seen.


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