Humans for the Future was founded under the belief that a future where all life is flourishing is our only logical choice. Today Humans for the Future is actively implementing strategies to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of the future being a host to harmonious habitats for all life forms.



From volunteer opportunities to generous donations, Humans for the Future is looking for outstanding individuals to accept the challenge that will finally enable peace for all life.

  • Become a beach clean-up volunteer! Check our schedule or follow us on social media to find out when and where our next clean-up is. Come to our Humans for the Future clean-up table to sign up and get started immediately.

  • Become a leader! Contact us to find out how to start a chapter of Humans for the Future beach clean-up crew in your area. Learn how to become a leader and gain all the knowledge you will need to be on the leading edge of ocean conservation.

  • Spread the word! Let the world know what we do and how we are helping the future become a better place. Follow and share us! Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram  

  • Donate! The Future needs you now more than ever. Your donation will go directly to work helping our projects. Your generous support will enable us to protect our environments and support education.


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